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It's no secret that the medium-sized and small clubs in the DACH region are and remain well frequented because they can offer long-lasting good DJ sets from interesting personalities, which in turn attracts interesting guests who like to stay and enjoy.


The main motivation for DJs is therefore always that they reach their audience and inspire them with the right mix of music. However, most don't just settle for the status quo or the latest technology. Rather, the most ambitious of them strive to innovate with the ultimate goal of achieving fame as an innovative DJ - something that never fails to draw admiring glances.



In order to achieve this goal, however, motivation must be strategically planned. Technical skills alone are not enough here, which is why you often cannot expect a breakthrough after many years of self-study or after "conventional", one-sided DJ courses on YouTube and Co.


One possibility is regular, holistic workshops and meetings, where you can be even more willing to learn by sharing experiences with a mentor. Above all, such meetups offer a DJ contact opportunities both within the professional college and with external experts, as well as looking beyond scene boundaries and thus gaining inspiration for their own creations - of course underpinned by examples from other artists/DJs, both local and international.

The next level involves getting to know the local music and club scene, attending quality events and actively listening to diverse styles of music to get a feel for 

a) own taste

b) the preferences of the target group


c) to meet the requirements of the clubs.


So new DJs should not lose courage: Being willing to experiment is a basic building block of successful music composition and often - surprisingly - even gets you on the radio! You just need courage & self-confidence (can and will be trained by Music Masters League coaches) as well as talent (discipline & practice) to ultimately create something new, of which more generations to come can enjoy - thanks to the latest technology.


But let's stay more realistic for now: let's start with  the goal setting!



Your personal goals should be defined in order to select the appropriate course and to prepare appropriately. In order for this to be achieved, aspiring DJs invest in a long-term, effective promotion strategy.





The Mentor



I have more than 8 years of experience in the field of rap/MCing, club DJing, event DJ, workshop management and DJ in the art & culture sector in the styles of soul, funk, hip hop & house from New York, Santo Domingo, Vienna, Berlin, Stuttgart, Munich, Zurich, Budapest or Brno tested and inspired the most diverse crowds up to Dakar, negotiated fees and held workshops. 






I particularly noticed that there is a lack of sustainable funding for FLINTA, LGBTQI and BIPOC DJs in the global and local DJ and rap & producing scene.


Therefore, it is my mission, starting with the narrower sphere of influence (local players), to build up a supporter structure that has a lasting and holistic effect and thus brings fresh, extraordinary & organized talents back to the local and national music scene, who ground their careers on strong legs in a quality-conscious and self-confident manner and - with reliable support from mentors and a growing fan base - spurred on to strive for constant improvement. 


Through collaborations with local and international pioneers, economic, cultural and educational institutions and professional music equipment dealers, a constant further development and delivery of my unique offer has become possible, and YOU are one of the first people today to take advantage of it!








In this video you will learn more:


DJ Soulcat

MC/DJ/Producer, Instructor

Du willst Menschen zum Tanzen bringen?

Intro Video

With the coupon code MML BETA Tester you for 299,- (excl. VAT) and can get started at the time you set. this appliesjustfor the i-DJ Course!


Choose your pricing plan

  • 299,- BETA Test Angebot

    i-DJ Course

    Perfect for starters who want to practice at home only
    Valid for 3 months
    • E-Book (PDF) on how to get started
    • Exclusive Filesharing Access (Loops, Beats, Lectures)
    • Email/Whatsapp Support
    • Lecture Video: Cables & Gear, Beatmatching, Music Library
    • Access to DJ Tipps & Tricks + Interview Blog
    • Monthly Zoom Coaching Session
    • Option to rent DJ starters Kit (Controller & Headphones)
  • DJ Core Skills

    Every month
    Develop your DJ Skills both online and offline
    Valid for 6 months+ 7 day free trial
    • Several E-Books depending on progress
    • Access to File Sharing (Beats, Loops, Samples & more)
    • Silvermember Card for Studio Access (practice with pro gear)
    • Lecture Video(s)
    • Access to Tipps & Tricks & Interview Blog
    • Personal Beat Matching/Coaching Sessions
    • Email/Whatsapp/On site Support
    • 1 guaranteed paid Booking at the end of the course
    • Starts in June 2023!
  • Resident/Pro DJ

    Every month
    Take the leap from bedroom DJ to established Artist/Company
    Valid for 6 months+ 7 day free trial
    • Several E-Books on the important steps to become a Pro DJ
    • Access to File Sharing (Beats, Loops, Samples & more)
    • Goldmember Card for Studio Access (practice with pro gear)
    • Lecture Video(s) from different, established Mentors
    • Access to Tipps & Tricks & Interview Blog
    • Learn to Scratch/Cut and perfect your Beat Matching
    • Email/Whatsapp/On site Support
    • 1 guaranteed paid Booking at the end of the course
    • Possibility to join DJ Agency
    • Starts in June 2023!
  • Kid Talents Workshop

    Alter: 8 - 12
    Valid for 2 weeks
    • Schnupperworkshop:
    • Die Geschichte des DJs
    • Erklärung & Handhabung: CDs, Kassetten, Vinyl, mp3, wav
    • Erklärung eines DJ Setups (Vinyl, Timecode, CDJ, Controller)
    • 2 Lieder abstimmen & miteinander mischen
    • Üben & Machen an den Turntables
    • Workshop Dauer: 2h
    • Ein Termin innerhalb von 2 Wochen darf ausgewählt werden
  • Teen DJs Workshop

    Alter: 13 - 15,99
    Valid for 2 weeks
    • Die Geschichte des DJs
    • Erklärung & Handhabung: CDs, Kassetten, Vinyl, mp3, wav
    • Erklärung eines DJ Setups (Vinyl, Timecode, CDJ, Controller)
    • 2 Lieder abstimmen & miteinander mischen
    • Üben & Machen an den Turntables
    • Beatmatching, Übergänge, Vertiefung
    • Scratchen, Cutten, EQing
    • Dauer: 3h

Kinder Kurse

To proceed, choose a plan or book your free consultation here:

DJing isn't just a hobby, it's a lifestyle. And now that you're reading this, you know that there are no shortcuts to becoming a professional DJ. If you want to make it in the music industry, make a living and play at events, it takes time and effort to learn the skills to do it well - and that can take years.


That's why I created the MUSIC MASTERS LEAGUE (MML). I've been in the business for over 8 years, working with beginner and intermediate DJs, helping them develop the skills they need to thrive in their careers. I've seen what works and what doesn't when it comes to learning to DJ and have refined the curriculum based on that knowledge. I know what it takes, from amateur DJing at home with friends or small parties, to being the official DJ for major events such as clubbings, weddings and birthday parties or concerts where you could even play with some of your favorite musicians!


I developed this course specifically for women, BIPOC (Black/Indigenous People of Color), people with disabilities and anyone else who has been told they don't belong in music because "it's not for them"  —

Bildschirm­foto 2023-01-27 um 16.08_edited.jpg

My name is DJ Soulcat and I ask you:


Would you like to start a new hobby?


Did you always want to be a DJ but weren't quite sure where to start?


Want to make money while making people dance?


You're lucky!


I created an online DJ course specifically designed for FLINTA and BIPOC. As the workshop leader of the Brunnhilde DJ collective at Brunnenpassage, I taught newcomers like you how to become a DJ in just 6 months.


With my online DJ course, you'll learn everything from the basics of DJing to advanced techniques that will set you apart from other DJs. You'll learn how to seamlessly mix songs together, create custom playlists for your clients, and even use software like Ableton Live or Apple Logic Pro X to remix other people's songs!


You also get access to my private Discord & Facebook group where we share tips, techniques and resources. I want you to be as successful as possible - that's why I'm here for you!


There is a DJ in YOU.


You just have to learn how to get it out.


DJing is one of the funnest hobbies you can have — and it can be a full-fledged career, too. Whether you want to get started with your first gig or move on after your first gig and become a pro, there are tons of resources out there for you. But if you're a woman or belong to another, marginalized group, finding this information can be difficult — and often involves a lot of trial and error.


That's why I created the Music Masters League (MML), an online course designed specifically for women and BIPOC who want to learn how to DJ at home, on the go, or wherever they choose. Our instructors are all women and/or BIPOC who have been DJing for at least 10 years themselves and know exactly what it takes to hit the ground running and become a professional DJ in six months or less. We'll teach you everything from seamlessly mixing songs (even if they're not in the same key!) to how to use Ableton Live (or Logic Pro) software so you can play live shows without breaking a whole Band must be supported. 


I also make sure that you consolidate these skills.

recording studio & Workshop/Practice Space funded by:

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