Never Show Love - new track: re-release

Soulcat E-Phife - Never show love Plattencover

Hey everybody! Last year I dropped a ruff street version of my track "Never show love" with some self-made visuals to test the track and see how people would react. This time I got big support from producer Mono:Massive (Austria) and DJ Ra-B Groovebuz (Germany) - that's why I'm re-releasing the single with a bomb remix by brother Mono:Massive (which is going to be the actual radio version) on 7 inch VINYL as well as iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Tidal and many more. Official digital release day is going to be the 26th February 2018, digital pre-order starts the 9th February 2018. After doing all the paper work and stuff the special edition vinyl will be available too. Of course I'll let y'all know about the pre-order phase for that! Don't worry, I hate waiting as much as you do! But getting vinyl pressed just takes some time and trust me - it'll be worth the wait. I'm also working on a new video for the Mono:Massive version, so be sure to stay tuned - best way to keep track of the progress is to follow me on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram - just in case you've missed out:


IG: soulcate5

Twitter: @soulcatmusiq

Or check back to my website.

In depth:

The artwork's made by my friend, artist and fellow MC "Eme", who's also dominican (like me) but lives in Berlin with his lovely family. Special thanks go out to Marcus "Irieology" Weber (Vienna) - my graphic designer of trust and a great DJ as well - for putting this great cover together when I thought my "baby" would never see the light and was desperately searching for people to help me bring this project to life visually.

In case you haven't heard the first ruff cut, you can keep up on that here:

The label

"Never show love" as well as all further releases will be published via soulcatmusiq, which is now my very own official label! All paperworks are in the making and I'm super proud to have come this far - finally! 2018 is going to be a great year and this is how I've been starting it off. Just wanted to let you know! Hope to have you by my side as long as possible - let's celebrate new achievements together!! ;-)

Much love,

Yours sincerely,

Soulcat E-Phife

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